TVS Motors launch the New Electric Scooter Series TVS iQube

MotTVS iQube Electric Scooter
TVS Motors launch the New Electric Scooter Series TVS iQube

TVS Motor launched the electric variants in the 2 wheeler segment. The TVS iQube Electric scooter comes in 3 variants that are loaded with a best-in-class on-road range of 140 km on a single charge. Moreover, it comes with intelligent connected features like a 7” TFT touchscreen and clean UI, infinity theme personalization, intuitive music player control, OTA updates, multiple Bluetooth and Cloud Connectivity options, voice assist and TVS iQube Alexa skillset, fast charging with a plug-and-play portable charger, vehicle health and safety notifications, 32ltr storage space, and lots more.

Further, the steadfast and reliable TVS Motor’s engineering capabilities are quite prominent in the TVS iQube. Additionally, the outcome of the robust testing is ably complemented by renowned network support, relationship manager, and a holistic digital ecosystem.

TVS iQube Electric Scooter series
TVS iQube ST

The TVS iQube ST is the top-end variant of the series. It is powered by TVS Motor designed 5.1 kWh battery pack that delivers the best-in-class 140 km of on-road range per charge.
The intelligent ride connectivity of the TSV iQube ST comprises of 7” TFT touch screen with 5-way joystick interactivity. Along with additional features like music control, proactive notifications including vehicle health, 4G telematics and OTA updates. Moreover, the TVS iQube ST offers infinite theme personalization, voice assist and Alexa skillset.
TVS iQube ST comes in four new ultra-premium colors and with 1.5kW fast charging. Additionally, it has a generous two-helmet under-seat storage of 32ltrs.

TVS iQube S

The TVS iQube S variant comprises of the TVS Motor designed battery of 3.4 kWh. That delivers a 100 km on-road range per charge. TVS iQube S gets similar features from the iQube family like the 7” TFT with an intuitive 5-way joystick for interaction, theme personalization, music control, and proactive notifications including vehicle health. Further, the TVS iQube S too comes in four new color variants.

TVS iQube

TVS iQube is the base variant and like the tvs iQube S it comes with the TVS Motor designed battery specification of 3.4 kWh. That delivers a 100 km on-road range per charge. However, the TVS iQube gets a 5” TFT with a turn-by-turn navigation assist. Moreover, the TVS iQube shall be available in three colors.

Feature and Pricing

Further the TVS SMARTXONNECTTM function gets an upgraded. The upgrade comprises of improvised navigation system, the telematics unit, the anti-theft and geofencing features. Moreover, the TVS iQube Alexa skillset lets voice commands access important info.

The cost of TVS iQube and TVS iQube S are Rs. 98,564 and Rs. 1,08,690 respectively (on-road Delhi inclusive of FAME and state subsidiary).

Moreover, the TVS iQube ST and TVS iQube S get the plug-and-play portable off-board chargers as optional. These portable chargers come with 950W and 650W capacity that has a charging timeframe of 3hrs and 4.5hrs.

TVS iQube and TVS iQube S are open for booking on the TVS Motors website with a nominal online booking amount of INR. 999/-.

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