Unleashing Excellence, The All New BMW M 1000 R

BMW M 1000 R 2024
Unleashing Excellence, The All New BMW M 1000 R
Experience the Thrill of the Road Like Never Before

The exhilarating world of two-wheeled automotive excellence unveils the all-new BMW M 1000 R. A machine that embodies pure performance and sportiness. Its design speaks volumes with ultra-compact proportions, a slim and slender profile, and an undeniably aggressive demeanor.

Performance Redefined: The Design and Aerodynamics

From the front, the roadster captivates with its innovative M Winglets. Moreover, not only for aesthetics but also for superior aerodynamic downforce.  Whether you’re cruising upright or leaning into those thrilling corners. The M Carbon wheels, now coated with a striking clear lacquer. Further, enhance the deep black shimmer of the carbon fiber structure. The front mudflaps integrate brake ducts that improvises the airflow around the fork legs and brake calipers.

For those who crave the pinnacle of racing technology and aesthetics, the M Competition Package is a must-have. It features the Blackstorm metallic / M Motorsport color scheme and includes M Carbon wheels, an M rider footrest system, various M Carbon parts like rear wheel cover, chain guard, tank covers, front wheel cover, airbox cover with tapes, wind deflector, and sprocket cover. Additionally, it serves the M pillion package, M pillion cover, and a milled, fully adjustable M rider footrest system.

Power and Precision: The Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the all-new BMW M 1000 R boasts a water-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine with a 999 cc capacity, meticulously crafted for maximum riding pleasure. It delivers a peak output of 212 hp (156 kW) at a thrilling 14,500 rpm, with maximum torque reaching 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm. This powerhouse propels the new M R from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.2 seconds and achieves a breathtaking top speed of 280 km/h.

BMW’s ShiftCam technology ensures an increase in torque and pulling power across low and medium-speed ranges, coupled with a surge in peak power. Complementing this are titanium valves, a new spring assembly on the exhaust side, narrower and lighter cam followers, and optimized camshafts. The intake system features shorter intake funnels for optimal charge exchange at high engine speeds.

State-of-the-Art Features: Technology and Comfort

The all-new BMW M 1000 R is equipped with a 6.5-inch TFT display in the instrument cluster. That offers clear readability, a captivating M logo during startup, and an OBD interface for M GPS Datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger. Moreover, it comprises of lightweight M battery, powerful LED light units, a rear USB charging socket, electronic cruise control, adaptive turning lights, and heated grips.

Riders can choose from a range of riding modes, including “Rain,” “Road,” “Dynamic,” “Race,” and “Race Pro1-3,”. Further, accompanied by the latest generation of Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and DTC wheelie function with a 6-axis sensor box. These allow for precise customization of various control functions like Engine (throttle), Engine Brake, Traction Control, Wheelie-Control, ABS, and ABS Pro to match the rider’s skill level and riding style. Additionally, the “Pro Modes” introduce features like Launch Control and a pit-lane limiter for impeccable race starts and precise pit-lane speed control.

The distinctive M design tapes on the rims underscore the high-tech and racing pedigree of the M R. New features include a short number plate holder and the ergonomically designed M Endurance seat. The number plate holder and indicator and number plate lights seamlessly merge into one unit. Especially, with brake and tail lights cleverly integrated into the side indicator lights.

Moreover, a comprehensive range of optional equipment and original BMW Motorcycle accessories are available. Further, catering to individual personalization of the all-new BMW M 1000 R.

Availability and Pricing: Get Ready to Ride

The highly anticipated BMW M 1000 R supersport M Roadster has made its debut in India. It can be pre-ordered at all BMW Motorrad India authorized dealerships starting 5th October 2023. Deliveries will commence in January 2024. This exceptional motorcycle is available in two variants. The ex-showroom cost of the BMW M 1000 R is ₹33,00,000 and the BMW M 1000 R Competition is ₹38,00,000

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