Unveiling The Aprilia RS-GP24 On The Track

Aprilia RS-GP24
Unveiling The Aprilia RS-GP24 On The Track

In a demonstration of relentless dedication, the Aprilia Racing department showcased the fruits of their winter labor during the first 2024 test in Malaysia. The newly unveiled Aprilia RS-GP24 not only lived up to expectations. But also left onlookers in awe with its innovative aerodynamic study.

Riders Put RS-GP to the Test in Malaysia

Test rider Lorenzo Savadori successfully completed the shakedown. Further, paving the way for Aleix and Maverick to commence their three-day work on the cutting-edge motorcycle. Despite the need to fine-tune the bike’s characteristics to suit each rider’s style, the initial contact revealed promising signs, with unanimous agreement on the high potential of the machine.

The MotoGP circus is now set to relocate to Qatar for the final test session scheduled on February 19 and 20, providing teams with one last opportunity to fine-tune their setups before officially launching the new season on the same track.

Aleix Espargaro’s Perspective on the Aprilia RS-GP24

Aprilia rider Aleix Espargaro expressed satisfaction with the first test, noting substantial improvements over the previous year. He praised the character of the new RS-GP. Further, highlighting its ability to enhance cornering speed in line with his riding style. While acknowledging the bike’s increased stability, Espargaro acknowledged that there is still work to be done. Moreover, given the fierce competition with other riders and machines.

Maverick Viñales Looks Ahead: Intense Days and Halfway Through the Process

Maverick Viñales, another key rider for Aprilia, described the three days in Malaysia as intense. Further, expressed a desire for more time to explore the potential of the RS-GP further. Recognizing the bike’s inherent capabilities, Viñales credited Aprilia’s dedicated winter efforts. He emphasized the need to experiment with new settings and find a different balance to capitalize on the strengths of the redesigned motorcycle. Moreover, drawing parallels with their successful exploits in the 2023 season. With testing in Qatar on the horizon, Viñales sees the team as halfway through the preparation process for the upcoming racing season.