Why is the Honda CB300R being voluntarily recalled?

Honda CB300R Recall
Why is the Honda CB300R being voluntarily recalled?

News: Honda CB300R Recalled

Honda Motorcycles and scooter India on Friday announced the recall of nearly 2000 Honda CB300R motorbikes. The company announced the Honda CB300R is recalled as the right crankcase covering the engine has manufacturing fault. The voluntary recall is limited to the 2022 model of the CB300R motorbike stated HMSI in its statement.
Further, as Honda identified the right crankcase cover of the engine was defective due to an inappropriate manufacturing process. As there can be a serious impact on the rider considering the possibilities of sealing plug dislodging due to low retention force caused by engine heat. Moreover, there are possibilities leading to the sealing plug to come off and the engine oil can splash out. Which can have serious injuries to the rider.

Additionally, as the worst case scenario, the motorbike part could catch fire due to the oil adhering to the motorbike parts or the motorbike could skid if the oil gets in contact with tyres or the hot temperature can cause serious injuries to the rider. Considering the said facts Honda Motorcycles & Scooters India (HMSI) voluntarily announced the recall. Honda shall commence the recall through is dealer BigWing effective 15th April 2023. Moreover, Honda stated the replacement of the Honda CB300R recalled motorbikes shall be complimentary irrespective of the Honda CB300R Warranty.

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