Will the Tata ‘Nano’ Return In A Brand New EV Avatar?

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Will the Tata ‘Nano’ Return In A Brand New EV Avatar?

There are rumors rolling around whether Tata Motors could be planning to bring back the Nano? Though in a brand new EV avatar. Tata Motors could be possibly considering bringing back the small family-oriented people’s car in the new ‘electric vehicle’ version.

Further, it will be an upgrade on the EV side, revamped and up-leveled on its original platform. Further, it will be with a comprehensive upgrade to the suspension among others. The new Tata Nano EV will also boast next-level features with exceptional upgrades like no other.

The automotive industry source has also revealed that the company will be considering this next-gen upgrade in order to expand its footprint in the EV segment. However, on the flip side, according to the sources, the spokesperson of the company in an email-oriented conversation said “that the company does not specifically comment on the speculation of the upcoming vehicles!”

Tata Motors  EV Portfolio

The chairman – Mr. N. Chandrasekaran Atthe on the 77th AGM of the company, said that Tata Motors sold nearly 5,000 EVs in FY21 and around 19,500 in FY22. In addition to this, the chairman also said that in the current fiscal year, the target to sell the EVs has been around 55,000 EVs. Which goes higher up to nearly 100,000 by the year 2024.

Further, till date, Tata Motors has successfully launched exceptional cars in the electric vehicle (EV) segment.  That range from the Nexon EV, Tiago EV, Tigor EV, among others. Further, the company has highlighted its next-gen EV concepts. That include the ‘Avinya’ and the ‘Curvv’ that will officially roll out within the coming 5 years.

Years ago, the Tata Nano was celebrated as one of the most affordable cars offered by the company in the evolving automobile market. However, due to the lack of the car’s demand in the market, the company had to completely shut down the manufacturing of the Nano. Since, the rumors have been flowing through the industry, the new avatar of the Nano has now become the talk of the automobile industry. Further, making it one of the most awaited entry-level cars today.

The introduction of the brand new Tata Nano EV could possibly prove to be an exceptional entry-level EV offered by the company. Moreover, it will certainly be an affordable option for the entry-level car buyers in the country.

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