Apply for Drivers Licence from Home! MoRTH approves contactless service via Aadhar Auth. for 18- RTO Services


News Update: As a part of digital transformation, The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) approved contactless services via Aadhaar-based authentication for services like Learners License, Renewal or Duplicate Driver’s License, Address Change, 18 such services provided by Regional Transport Offices (RTOs). The visit to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) shall be reduced by a great extent due to the digitization of these services.

Hereon, an individual can apply for RTO services by simply authenticating their Aadhaar at the comfort of their fingertip.

Why Digital Transformation

As per the Ministry of Transport gazette, to provide convenience and stress-free service. The Ministry shall ensure nationwide publicity through media & individual notices for public awareness. Especially, of Aadhar being mandatory for contactless service by the way of implementing agencies.

Services like Driving License (DL) and Certificate of Registration (RC) shall be totally online, without the physical presence at the RTO. Voluntarily one can avail the benefit of contactless service through Aadhar authentication.
Further, reducing the physical presence at the RTO Office and increase the efficiency of the RTO department. – stated the Ministry through Twitter (@MORTHIndia)

The draft notification of linking the Drivers License (DL) and Certificate of Registration (RC) by a 12-digit unique identity number to be allotted to every Indian citizen. Basically, which was issued by the Union Government supported the move of moving a few services of the Regional Transportation Office to digital.

Aadhar Authentication shall be mandatory for availing various contactless services on the portal for an individual. However, in cases of new Aadhar applicants, an “Enrolment ID slip” shall be required to avail the benefits of contactless service.
Considering the social distancing pandemic guidelines issued by the government. Further, the move of digitizing the RTO services turns to be a boon. Especially, to minimize large queues or gathering at the RTO for any said services.

Gazette Link:
Notification No: S.O. 1026(E)
Date: 03.03.2021

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