BMW marks its 100 years by launching Limited Edition BMW R nineT and BMW R18

BMW Motorrad launches 100 years Limited Edition BMW R nineT 100 Years and BMW R18 100 Years

BMW Motorrad India has launched the limited edition BMW R nineT 100 Years and BMW R 18 100 Years motorcycles in India.

In December 1922, BMW chief his designer Max Fritz created his first BMW motorcycle, true to the original. At its heart is an air-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke boxer engine, the R 32, was presented in September 1923. Further, marking the commencement of BMW motorcycle production and an unprecedented success story.
To mark its 100th anniversary, BMW Motorrad presents his two main stars in the world of heritage: the R nineT roadster and the R 18 cruiser with large boxer as his 100th anniversary model. Both models are limited to 1923 units each, coinciding with the year BMW Motorrad was founded.

BMW R nineT 100 Years

The simplified design language of the R nineT is shaped by 100 years of motorcycle manufacturing and BMW Motorrad’s unbroken passion for boxer engines. Classic roadster design is expertly rendered with a compact tank and upright seating position, as well as quality materials and stylish design elements. Many other special features make the new R nineT 100 Years a special anniversary edition. The centerpiece is still the air-cooled/oil-cooled 80 kW (109 hp) twin-cylinder boxer engine. The Anniversary Edition brings the legendary engine with a wide range of options and a sophisticated surface concept.

Classic Chrome and Option 719 Parts

The paint finish combined with the chrome surface also has a motorcycle construction tradition that goes back almost 100 years. Chromium surfaces, usually composed of copper, nickel and a final chromium layer, are characterized by their hardness and the resulting high resistance, very good corrosion protection, but above all by a radiantly reflective shine. From the late 1920s onwards, this made Chrome a popular style for designers, combined with his concept of high-quality paint. The BMW R 75/5 with its chromed tank walls and side covers, for example, is a legend from BMW Motorrad. With the new BMW R nineT 100 Years and R 18 100 Years and the Classic Chrome Surface Concept, BMW Motorrad is reviving the uniquely elegant interplay of paint and chrome.

The tank is a combination of chrome and white double lining and black, complemented by knee pads and a 100 year badge. Classic chrome is also found on the seat hump. The front wheel cover is also painted black and double painted white. A two-tone combination of black and oxblood seats enhances the high-quality appearance.

A number of black components such as fork tubes, air intake snorkels and some optional 719 components harmoniously complement this. R nineT 100 Years includes option 719 classic wheels with black anodized rim rings, option 719 shadow milled parts package (milled cylinder head cover, engine housing cover, seat bracket, oil filler plug), option 719 shadow II milled parts package It is included. It consists of an adjustable hand lever and footrest system, pillion footrests, extended tank cover and handlebar end mirrors. The Comfort Package with adaptive cornering lights and heated grips, cruise control and Pro driving mode completes the extensive equipment of the Edition models.

BMW R 18 100 Years

The undisputed heart of the R 18 100 Years is the largest displacement boxer engine BMW Motorrad has ever fitted, with 67 kW (91 hp). Technically and visually, the BMW R 18 borrows from famous BMW models such as the BMW R 5 and focuses on the essence of the motorcycle.

Pure, no-frills technology and a boxer engine are at the heart of the driving pleasure. In the anniversary edition of the R 18, the large boxer is also completed with numerous options and a high-quality surface concept.

The R 18 100 Years color scheme remains Classic Chrome, just like the anniversary model of the R nineT. Further, combining black paintwork with high-gloss chrome surfaces, white double cladding and 100 Years badging. The classic chrome paint-on-chrome concept is also found on the rear wheel cover in combination with the white double lamination. The front wheel covers and side covers are painted black and the front fenders have additional white double trim. Option 719 seats are harmoniously matched in a black/oxblood two-tone color combination with high-quality diamond embossing.

BMW Motorrad tradition

A representation of the great BMW Motorrad tradition, the black further adorns the engine, gearbox case and rear axle drive. The correct name is Avus Black. This is reminiscent of Berlin’s legendary high-speed racetrack. BMW Motorrad once celebrated its great racing successes. The Avus monument with his rider Ernst Henne, BMW Motorrad’s works, is still remembered. Let The BMW Motorrad production plant is also located in Berlin. The Berlin-Spandau plant is not only a production site, but also the main plant for BMW Motorrad’s international motorcycle production.

The R 18 100 Years adds a number of chrome parts with chrome design options. These parts have a high quality, durable electroplated surface coating.
Handlebar fittings, shift and foot brake levers, handlebar clamps, handlebar weights, mirrors, master brake cylinders, brake calipers, engine housing covers, cylinder head covers, intake manifold covers.

Moreover, additional features of the BMW R 18 100 Years comprise of chrome-plated Akrapovic rear exhaust. That comes with BMW brand logo ‘propeller style’ perforated tailpipe trim. Headlight Pro ensures safety and comfort with adaptive cornering lights, reverse aids, electronic cruise control and heated grips.


The bikes are available for pre-order at BMW Motorrad India dealer starting today. The ex-showroom cost of the BMW R nineT 100 years is INR. 24lacs and INR. 25.90Lacs for the BMW R18 100 years.

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