The all-new BMW R 18 Classic


BMW Motorrad India introduced the all-new BMW R 18 Classic in India.
Followed by the premiere of the BMW R 18 the previous year, The R 18 Classic is the second member introduced by BMW Motorrad India to its new cruiser segment. The new BMW R 18 Classic brings back the old days of touring bikes & echoes the dawn of great touring cruiser bikes.
The all-new BMW R 18 Classic, an immortal plan is converged with obvious yet contemporary innovation to make a captivating by and large idea – offering a riding experience that is however developed as it seems to be enthusiastic. While the R 18 is idealist in style, the R 18 Classic highlights an enormous windscreen, front seat, saddle packs, LED extra headlights and 16-inch front wheel. It includes the biggest relocation fighter motor at any point worked by BMW.

The all-new BMW R 18 Classic is BMW Motorrad’s understanding of a cruiser that proceeds in the brand’s practice and unquestionably displays the style of the occasions passed by. Its virtue of utilitarian and trendy plan components, for example, the double-cradle frame, the teardrop tank, the uncovered driveshaft and the paintwork with finely drawn twofold pinstripes are suggestive of the legendary boxer from 1936. Classically designed circular instrument with integrated metal casing enclosed display with decorative chrome trim ring. The “BERLIN BUILT” engraving on the face reinforces the bike’s origin. The advanced LED headlights ensure excellent visibility on all roads. The sickle graphic daylight LED enhances the BMW distinctive feature of Motorrad’s heritage face. Starting at the steering head, the centre frame tube and swingarm upper frame tube optically form a continuous line that serves as a central design feature. In combination with the swingarm lower tubes, which also align with the lower frame tubes, this R 18 Classic gives a distinctly flat, elongated and muscular look.

The superior ergonomics guarantee a high level of long-distance comfort and a pure cruiser feel. The BMW Motorrad ergonomic triangle comprises space to the handlebar – seat and ‘mid-mounted foot peg’ posture has traditionally been the key factor that provides an active, upright sitting position.
The focal point of the all-new BMW R 18 Classic is the well-designed air/oil-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine – the most powerful boxer in series produced by BMW. The powerful 1,802 cc engine supporting from a 107.1 mm bore and 100 mm stroke. It churning out an output of 91 hp at 4,750 rpm. The maximum torque of 158 Nm exists at 3,000 rpm, with over 150 Nm available at any point from 2,000 – 4,000 rpm. This elemental power is collaborated with a full, resonant sound.
The torque to the transmission is transmitted by the single-disk dry clutch. To eliminate the unwanted rear-wheel hop, it’s being designed as a self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch for the very first time. With the helical gear pairs, designed is the 4shaft transmission is the and in a dual- section aluminium housing is the mesh 6- speed transmission. The gearbox input shaft with haul dampers drives the two gearbox shafts with the gear wheelsets by means of a countershaft. The reverse gear is obtainable as an optional extra.
In regards to the suspension, BMW R 18 Classic sports a double loop steel tube frame. In an authentic style, the rear axle transmission is surrounded by the rear swing arm.
The suspension component intentionally dispenses with electronic adjustment choices.
Rather, a telescopic fork and a directly mounted central suspension strut with travel-dependent damping and adaptable spring preload guarantee superior wheel control and better suspension comfort. The braking system comprises of a single disc brake at the rear in conjunction with four-piston fixed callipers and a twin-disc brake at the front.
To suit the individual rider preferences, The all New BMW R 18 Classic provides three standard riding modes- Rain, Roll and Rock which is unusual in its segment.
1. The Rain mode ensures the throttle respond is gentle & riding dynamics provides a high safety over slippery road surface.
2. The Roll mode ensures optimum throttle response by the engine while the riding dynamics accomplish ideal performance on any kind of roads.
3. The Rock mode ensures the rider taps into the entire dynamic potential for the throttle to responds very spontaneously and direct. However, the Automatic Stability Control ensures a little more slip.
The all-new BMW R 18 Classic brags a docket of important standard features. Either the road is wet or dry, the Automatic Stability Control provided perfect control. Dynamic Engine Brake Control electronically averts the sliding of the rear-wheel by unexpected closure of throttle or back spacing. Hill Start Control ensures the pull-off on a hill particularly easy. The standard conventional ignition steering lock is replaced by the Keyless Ride. As a benchmark feature, Electronic Cruise Control is provided by the BMW Motorrad. The all-new BMW R 18 Classic braking system is equipped with the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially integral) which adapts to the circulation of the braking between the front & fear brakes through the dynamic wheel load distribution and the loading state.
Additionally, the vigorous brake light signals the functional warning in 2 stages, one when the brakes are applied distinctly and in the situation of an emergency brake manoeuvre.
A diverse range of accessories & customization adds further by collaboration with renowned international brands.


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