Ducati launches a new unique program for self customization

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Ducati launches a new unique program for self customization
Ducati Unica

Ducati announced the modelling of Ducati Unica, the new customization scheme especially for the ones who want to build & design their own exclusive and unique motorcycle.

Through Ducati Unica, the Centro Stile Ducati provides opportunities to Ducatisti and encourages them to fulfil their dream. Moreover, it allows one to directly collaborate with the design & technical team of Ducati to build a motorcycle that will be a unique piece globally.

The program permits entry to the Ducati Centro Stile atelier personally. Wherein they shall get the opportunity to share their design & implement while their frequent visits. They shall also learn about the progress of their motorcycles, get the preliminary look & feel with eye to detail that Ducati focuses for every customized motorcycle.

The Ducati Unica team extends support by outlining the customization procedure. Wherein, details such as materials, finishing, special colours & Ducati Performance accessories shall be defined. In the mist of customization, the stylistic standard that authenticates original Ducati.

Every phase of the customization of the motorcycle shall be documented & will involve the enthusiasm of its creator from the initial sketch to the final delivery.
Moreover, every Ducati Unica receives a certificate of uniqueness at the time of delivery. The certificate authenticates originality and ensures its non-replicability.

Extremely limited number of requests get through considering the kind of uniqueness and the eye to detail on every project. The ones who are in line with the values of the brand shall get the opportunity to customize.

How to enroll

As the authorized Ducati dealers are an integral part of the Ducati Unica project. Passionate Ducatisti can connect with the dealers for further information & request access to the program. The globally extended project is applicable on the Ducati and Ducati Scrambler range.

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