Volkswagen Unveils New ID.3 GTX And ID.7 GTX Tourer Models

Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.7 GTX Tourer

Volkswagen is making waves in the electric vehicle market with the introduction of its latest sporty GTX models. The double world premiere of the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX Tourer marks a significant expansion of the company’s lineup. Further, promising individualized exterior designs, sporty interiors, and powerful performance drives.

GTX Concept Success

The success of Volkswagen’s GTX concept is evident as every fifth newly registered ID.4 and ID.5 in Europe is already a GTX model. Further, showcasing the growing popularity of these dynamic electric vehicles. Building on this success, Volkswagen is now extending the GTX concept to other models in its ID. lineup.

The ID.3 GTX: Electric Performance Redefined

The Character of the ID.3 GTX

The ID.3 GTX represents the pinnacle of performance in Volkswagen’s compact electric range. Available in rear-wheel drive, the ID.3 GTX Performance01 variant offers a snappy and compact sports car experience. Kai Grünitz, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management responsible for Development, describes it as the electric counterpart to Volkswagen’s iconic Golf GTI Clubsport. Especially, highlighting its superior power delivery and driving pleasure.

Distinctive Design and Features

Distinctive design elements set the ID.3 GTX apart, including a unique front bumper with a diamond-style black air intake and GTX-specific daytime running lights. Inside, premium sports seats with red stitching and a GTX-specific cockpit surface reinforce the sporty character of the vehicle.

The ID.7 GTX Tourer: Power Meets Practicality

The Character of the ID.7 GTX Tourer

Meanwhile, the ID.7 GTX Tourer introduces a new level of performance to Volkswagen’s estate lineup. Equipped with a dual-motor all-wheel drive system, the ID.7 GTX Tourer combines spaciousness with sports car-like performance. Grünitz emphasizes the instant power delivery of the electric motors, providing maximum output and torque in fractions of a second.

Distinctive Design and Features

Design features such as a distinctive bumper with a honeycomb grille and GTX-specific light graphics distinguish the ID.7 GTX Tourer from other models. Inside, heated individualized seats with GTX lettering, red accents, and a GTX-specific multifunction steering wheel enhance the interior’s sporty ambiance.


Both the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX and ID.7 GTX Tourer come standard with 20-inch Skagen alloy wheels and offer ample luggage space. Further, making them practical options for everyday use. With these new additions to the GTX lineup, Volkswagen continues to push the boundaries of electric mobility. Further, offering customers a thrilling driving experience combined with the benefits of zero-emission technology.


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