Volkswagen Unveils The All New Enhanced ID.4 And ID.5 Models

Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5
Volkswagen Unveils The All New Enhanced ID.4 And ID.5 Models

In an exciting development for electric vehicle enthusiasts, Volkswagen is set to launch the pre-sales of their revamped ID.4 and ID.5 models. Further, pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. The latest iterations of these popular EVs come equipped with a new generation of infotainment systems and software. Moreover, ensuring that customers are in for an elevated driving experience.

Whats new

But that’s not all; Volkswagen has also introduced a cutting-edge drive system, available in all Pro and GTX versions of these models. This high-efficiency drive system, initially introduced in the spacious ID.4, offers a significant power boost while reducing energy consumption. Moreover, providing drivers with a winning combination of performance and sustainability.

The enhanced electric drive system has led to a notable increase in the combined WLTP range of the versatile ID.4. Further, transforming it into a reliable electric SUV with a range of up to 550 kilometers3 (WLTP). The spacious and stylish ID.5 SUV coupe doesn’t lag behind. Additionally, boasting an impressive range of up to 556 kilometers3 (WLTP) on a single battery charge. What’s even more impressive is that Volkswagen is offering these improved models at the same base prices as their predecessors, providing customers with exceptional value for money.

Management Speaks

Imelda Labbé, Member of the Volkswagen Brand Board of Management with responsibility for Sales, Marketing, and Aftersales, expressed her excitement, stating, “Our customers can look forward to exceptional technical performance with the new ID.4 and the new ID.5. Software and infotainment are state-of-the-art. Additionally, the vehicles are loaded with extensive assistance systems leaving no room to be desired. The further improved ID.4 and ID.5 models are at the top of the segment thanks to the new technologies and the acknowledged balance of driving, comfort, and spaciousness.”

Volkswagen has left no stone unturned in enhancing the user experience. The cockpit landscape of the ID.4 and ID.5 has significantly improved with a focus on intuitive operation. Both models now come with the latest-generation software, which is not only faster but also offers more functionality. In addition, a new standard infotainment system, featuring an enlarged 12.9-inch screen, adds to the appeal. The infotainment system boasts a new menu structure. Further, enhancing the Digital Cockpit and optional augmented reality head-up display. That provide a seamless and visually appealing interface. Illuminated touch sliders for air conditioning and volume control, along with a revamped multifunction steering wheel, make for an even more user-friendly experience.

Volkswagen has gone the extra mile by introducing the new IDA voice assistant. Which responds more accurately to natural voice commands. Further, offers new functions, including cloud-based weather information and real-time updates on sporting events and stock market prices. To enhance the auditory experience, Volkswagen offers an optional premium sound system from Harman Kardon, featuring 480 watts of music output and 10 speakers, including a center speaker and subwoofer.


The pièce de résistance of these new models is the high-efficiency drive system. Available in all ID.4 and ID.5 models with a 77 kWh battery, this system includes a new electric drive motor on the rear axle and a new-generation battery. This upgrade not only reduces energy consumption but also significantly boosts power. Models like the ID.4 Pro1 and ID.5 Pro2 now feature an electric drive motor with 210 kW (286 PS). Further, providing an impressive 60 kW increase in power compared to their predecessors. The torque has also seen a remarkable jump, increasing by about 75%, from 310 Nm to 545 Nm.

Furthermore, Volkswagen offers GTX models with a system power of 250 kW (340 PS). Moreover, a 30 kW increase that enhances their dynamic capabilities. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h for these GTX models is now an impressive 5.4 seconds, showcasing the prowess of Volkswagen’s EV technology.


Charging has also been made more efficient, with all ID.4 and ID.5 models featuring a longer range thanks to a new 77 kWh battery. The DC charging capacity for the all-wheel-drive models has been increased from 135 to 175 kW. Further, the rear-wheel-drive models still charge at 135 kW. These vehicles can gain an extra 178 kilometers of range in just 10 minutes with the maximum charging capacity.

The new charging and thermal management systems ensure optimal usage of the battery while charging in long journeys. Further, reducing downtime and making these EVs an even more convenient choice for drivers.

To complement the new drive system, Volkswagen has reconfigured the running gear and refined the optional adaptive chassis control (DCC) for an even greater balance between comfort and dynamics. All these enhancements make the new Volkswagen ID.4 and ID.5 models not only more efficient but also more comfortable and dynamic. Further, making them a compelling choice for electric vehicle enthusiasts.


In summary, Volkswagen’s upgraded ID.4 and ID.5 models represent a significant leap forward in the electric vehicle segment. Further, offering customers improved technology, extended range, and an enhanced driving experience. These vehicles are poised to set new standards in the industry, showcasing Volkswagen’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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