Government To Probe In The Ola Electric Scooter Fire Issue

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Government To Probes In The Ola Electric Scooter Fire Issue
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Recently, a video went viral on the social platforms of an Ola Electric Scooter catching fire in Pune. This issue has raised quite a few concerns over the durability and safety of Electric Vehicles. Further, accounting for the rise in similar incidents of Electric 2-wheelers, the Government has stepped in and ordered an inquiry. Moreover, the government shall vehicles manufactured by Ola Electric and Okinawa with a month’s timeline to submit a report on safety parameters.

The government has appointed an independent expert to evaluate the possibilities for the said incidents. A detailed report shall determine if it was internal manufacturing issue or external factors.

While Bhavish Agarwal Co-founder of Ola – stated investigating the issue and resolving the same as Safety is the Highest Priority. Similarly, the company released a statement stating – They are aware of the Ola Electric scooter catching fire in Pune and are investigating the issue. In the coming few days they shall share an update post identifying the root cause of the fire.

Additionally, it also stated being in constant touch with the owner of the vehicle and assured of being safe. The safety of the vehicle is of utmost importance. Along with the highest standards of quality being maintained. Based on the internal investigation necessary action shall be taken.

Company background

The Ola Electric scooters have been in news since their launch. Ola had launched the S1 and S1 Pro electric scooter last year on 15th August and sold over lac vehicles within 4 months.

Similarly, Okinawa is a Gurugram-based company that started in 2015 They sold around one lakh units in the outgoing fiscal. Further, making them the 2nd largest Electric scooter manufacturer in the country. Moreover, post the commercial launch in January 2017 they sold around 1.5lac units.


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