The All New BMW 5 Series LWB And i5 To Launch In India

BMW 5 Series
The All New BMW 5 Series LWB And I5 To Launch In India

BMW is set to unveil the eighth-generation 5 Series, along with its electric counterpart. Further, the i5, in an elongated and more opulent form during the 2024 festive season in India.

Elegant Design, Illuminated Sophistication

The long-wheelbase 5 Series maintains a sleek design, featuring the iconic BMW kidney grille and illuminated elements. A distinctive touch is the illuminated ‘5’ on the C-pillar, glowing in white for traditional models and pulsating blue for the electric i5 during the charging process.

Dimensional Marvel: Long-Wheelbase 5 Series Takes Center Stage

The primary enhancement comes in the form of increased dimensions. Further, with the 5 Series LWB measuring 5,175mm in length, 1,900mm in width, and 1,520mm in height. The wheelbase stretches to 3,105mm, adding an extra 145mm to the overall length. Further, providing an additional 110mm in wheelbase length compared to the standard 5 Series. Notably, the i5 marks a milestone as the first BMW EV sedan available in both short- and long-wheelbase configurations.

Interior Extravaganza: Luxury Redefined

Internally, both the new 5 Series and i5 LWB boast a familiar BMW interior. Featuring a 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster and a driver-centric 14.9-inch central infotainment touchscreen. The rear passenger area steals the spotlight with increased legroom, reclining rear seats, four-zone climate control, exclusive quilted upholstery, and a dual-tone design. An impressive 31.1-inch 32:9 display unfolds from the headliner for entertainment, offering an 8K resolution screen compatible with 5G connectivity.

Engine Options: Performance Meets Efficiency

For the Indian market, the 5 Series is expected to be available in 520Li or 530Li. As well as 520Ld versions, equipped with 2.0-litre turbo-petrol and diesel engines, both featuring a mild-hybrid system. Across the range, an 8-speed automatic transmission will be standard.

Electric Revolution: i5’s Powerful Performance

On the electric front, the i5 is likely to debut in eDrive40 form. Further, featuring a 340hp motor and an 81.2kWh battery pack, providing a maximum range of 582km. While international markets will receive an M60 xDrive variant. Further, boasting a combined 601 bhp with a range of 516km. However, there is no confirmation on its availability in India.

Price Points: BMW’s Competitive Edge

In terms of pricing, the 5 Series LWB is anticipated to be in the range of ₹70 lakh to ₹80 lakh, ex-showroom, undercutting the new E-Class. Meanwhile, the projected cost of the i5 is ₹90 lakh to 1 crore (ex-showroom) range. Further, entering the market without any direct rivals.