The all new MG6 XPOWER the first ever edition under the XPOWER concept


The world witnessed the unveiling of The MG6 XPOWER concept. The premiere of the first edition under the MG XPOWER idea.


A noticeable and remarkable sports design features, the MG6 XPOWER has an impressive look with a super wide-body design & aerodynamic body kit. The carbon fibre back spoiler complements the smooth character lines and lower act. The black taillight receives the elite “X” shape, which is profoundly conspicuous while the twofold pneumatic diffusers further improve the sportiness.


Designed with contrast sewing with green and grey features. Considering the brand’s racing qualities. Enclosed with ALCANTARA leather is the 3 spoke multifunctional steering. While the inward door panel is beautified with superior quality suede material with an excellent texture.


MG6 XPOWER additionally gives a distinctive “X” family personalized with the logo placed up in numerous spots, for example, sports seats, focus armrest, side skirts and the door ledge. MG6 XPOWER comes with a unique limited edition number for each vehicle, providing privilege to its owner.


The MG6 XPOWER comes furnished with a 305 PS high-performance hybrid plugin system. Comprising a 1.5T Trophy in-cylinder direct-infusion turbocharged engine and a powerful lasting magnet simultaneous motor. Which accomplishes a max torque of 480 Nm which accelerates 100 km in just 6 seconds.

The finely aligned chassis suspension likewise broadens an ‘X’-treme manoeuvre experience. The new vehicle comes stacked with a 10-speed EDU second-age insightful electric drive gearbox. This ensures the engine & motor are constantly associated for quicker shift reaction, higher transmission effectiveness, and a huge improvement in driving execution.

The imported racing-grade 920E 6-pistons ensures a better braking system. The fixed callipers uniquely intended for the XPOWER family. Which consummately coordinates with the presentation of the chassis and further expands the braking power.

The lately designed drifting brake plate is coordinated with the recently updated front and back. The calliper slowing mechanism to accomplish high-proficiency and high-precision slowing down impact. Accomplishing the exhibition at 33 meters from 100 KM/H to 0.

The Michelin Pilot Sport CUP2 superior semi-hot-melt designed tires furnish the new vehicle. Utilizing double-track equation innovation and track solidness innovation 2.0, to accomplish an excellent turning experience through the appropriation of two diverse elastic recipes.

The external side of the tire embraces a “polymer chain” elastomer, which brings high hold while keeping up suitable hardness, can, in any case, have a definitive dry grasp execution in enormous point corners; the internal side uses a harder elastomer to bring more exact controlling and driving control.

Likewise, the enlarged tires and track additionally further improve the driving strength of the vehicle and better oppose cornering and roll. The recently changed spring stabilizer bar and suspension flexible components have enormously improved unbending nature and toughness.

By changing the spring, the general stance of the MG6 XPOWER body is decreased by 10mm. The unbending nature, better help execution, quicker vehicle reaction, and improved driving solace and dependability.

With a rich history that traverses almost a century, the MG6 XPower addresses an advanced understanding of the brand’s hustling DNA. MG Motor as of late snatched features through the exhibit of the Cyberster – its electric sportscar idea.


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