The new initiative “Relax. We Care.” by BMW Group India

BMW Relax We Care
The new initiative "Relax. We Care." by BMW Group India

BMW Group India has recently launched ‘Relax We Care,’ an extensive aftersales service campaign. Especially, aimed at providing an enhanced experience for its customers nationwide. This initiative underscores BMW Group’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Further, it seeks to inform and educate customers about the advantages of opting for genuine BMW Service.

Elevating the Workshop Experience

When it comes time for their vehicles to visit the workshop, BMW customers can expect a world-class experience. The ethos of “Relax We Care” encapsulates the essence of BMW Service – a proactive and highly innovative approach that prioritizes complete peace of mind. This service promise guarantees convenience, transparency, and quality during vehicle servicing. Further, allowing customers to focus on what matters most – the sheer pleasure of driving.

Online Appointment Scheduling

The campaign introduces Online Appointment Scheduling, enabling customers to effortlessly schedule BMW service from any location, at any time, and at any authorized BMW dealership. This feature provides the freedom to choose the preferred date and time, select desired services, and even choose a preferred staff member. Additionally, customers can modify appointments later and make bookings online without the need for registration.

Joy Rewards Program with BMW Relax we Care

BMW introduces the Joy Rewards program, ensuring that customers continue to experience sheer driving pleasure without interruption. This loyalty program offers regular savings on service and maintenance, rewarding customers as their ownership years accumulate. Savings of up to 30% on services for models older than five years, coupled with increasing rewards and discounts as the car ages. Basically, making this program a valuable addition.

Smart Video for Enhanced Transparency

In a pioneering move within the Indian luxury car segment, BMW introduces the Smart Video – an exclusive app-based solution for real-time service and repair approvals. This personalized approach involves sending customers a video explaining the service or repair requirements. Further, allowing them to provide approvals online from anywhere.

ConnectedDrive for Proactive Maintenance

Utilizing an array of sensors, ConnectedDrive proactively detects the real-time condition of BMW vehicles, identifying malfunctions, impending issues, or service requirements. The relevant information is then conveyed to customers through the My BMW App, in-car notifications, or email. Further, ensuring that BMW owners can enjoy life without worrying about their vehicles.

Service Inclusive Options

Customers can opt for Service Inclusive and Service Inclusive Plus for all BMW and MINI cars, providing complete peace of mind and reducing the overall cost of ownership. These packages, available for different durations and mileage, cover Condition Based Service (CBS) and maintenance work. Starting from 3 years/40,000 kms, with extensions available up to 10 years/2,00,000 kms, Service Inclusive includes regular maintenance tasks, while Service Inclusive Plus additionally covers brake pads, brake discs, and wiper blades replacements.

Original BMW Engine Oil for Optimal Performance

To unleash the full potential of BMW vehicles, customers are encouraged to use Original BMW Engine Oils. These oils are specifically optimized to suit BMW engines, ensuring full power delivery with high efficiency. By protecting the engine against wear and corrosion, these oils contribute to maintaining a clean engine and extending its service life.