BMW X3 xDrive30i Sport X

• Introduction
BMW has just introduced a new Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) and it’s the X3 xDrive30i Sport X. If you’re wondering what an SAV is, it is an exclusive term used for BMW’s X models. The X3 sport X has a very striking design language flowing throughout the body in the form of sleek and elegant curves and smooth lines. The front is bold and distinctive but it still retains the signature double kidney grille. The headlamps are another aspect apart from the double kidney grille that differentiates a BMW from the others. The X3 sport X comes with a refreshed LED headlamp setup and the fog lamps now feature a very attractive hexagonal design. In the back, the LED tail lamps combined with a low-slung roof spoiler and exhaust pipes finished in chrome just add to the road presence of the X3. An automated tailgate makes accessing the boot simply effortless and convenient. Keep Reading


2021 Porsche 911

• Introduction
The all-new Porsche 911 GT3 is here and it is in fact a more menacing, more intimidating version of its predecessor. A track-focused, rear-wheel drive, naturally aspirated and a more aggressive version of the 911 Carrera, the GT3. For 2021 however, Porsche has taken the GT3 to the next level since it’s developed in close collaboration with the almighty Porsche Motorsport, making this version of the GT3 a true-blue track weapon. Porsche has gone ahead and minimalised the difference between a proper GT3 Cup car and a production vehicle in the form of the new GT3 by transmitting pure racing technology in a production vehicle that you and I can purchase and hit the racetrack, right after.

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THE ALL-NEW KTM 1290 SUPER R | Begin a brand new journey wherever the road ends. KTM proclaimed the all-new 1290 Super Adventure R, a brand new generation second instalment journey model. This Super journey bike is built to navigate through the wildest & tufa terrains for riders to explore the untouched locations. Designed with an associate degree thorough list of innovative upgrades, the 2021 KTM 1290 Super journey R is constructed to form a mark on any part of the earth. Keep Reading

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